Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A sake genie bottle that turns out to be the real thing

I have a friend who's been playing the lottery for years, with amazing results that defy chance - sometimes weeks at a time of absolutely zero numbers right (on two or three tckets per drawing.)

This gets my interest, because this friend has occasional financial challenges and frequently says things like "If only I could hit one - it doesn't even have to be the big prize..." and (when someone wins) "They stole it from us!" (Yeah, my husband and I go in on the tickets - it makes a nice reality creation laboratory.)

I wanted to see if I could overcome this heavy energy, so I used the basic Cosmic Ordering methodology (which includes not giving a rip!) and won $75. But that was on my ticket - I wanted to see if I could alter that for my friend too, but no such (*ahem*) luck...

The Law of Attraction and "The Secret" gurus will tell you that "all" you have to do in a case like this is change your energy, align your vibration, drag yourself up the emotional ladder, concentrate on the good feeling... All that is nice, but in the case of the so-called impossible goal, it rarely helps.

In fact, in a highly unscientific anecdotal trawl through a few forums, I found several people claiming to have won millions of dollars; following up, I found that all - every one - were wishful thinking posts intended to create that result. None had actually had a real-world win.

In only one case did someone actually win a large sum (I think it was one or two hundred thousand, though, not millions) using the standard Law of Attraction techniques, and it took weeks of dedicated imaginal work. And that was someone who had a lot of experience with smaller creations first.

I think that the amount of thinking about a goal like winning money - one that seems very much out of your own control - can be counterproductive. Unless you're completely blindly ignorant of statistics, you will always always always be aware of how much of a long shot winning money is.

Anyway. Back to the sake genie bottle.

So last week we - me, my husband, our friend - were having sushi at this incredible little restaurant.

After some terrific sushi and wonderful green tea cake, I took a look at the beautiful little iron-blue bottle our sake came in. The label actually turned out to be a wrapper that said "Aladdin bottle." The chef (we were at the sushi bar) said "you can take that - it makes a nice flower vase." She rinsed it out and handed it to us.

I gave it to my friend, saying "maybe you can use it to win some money" - sort of making a joke of it. And (this is important) he took it with that same attitude, sort of hey, what the heck, it will be fun. And it sure is a pretty bottle, anyway.

Two days later he called me and said "the bottle" had won him $100 on a scratcher.

The next day, he called and said it won him another $250 on a 50-cent numbers ticket.

This is interesting. I'm curious to see if the sake bottle energy will be enough to counteract the heavy energy around playing the "real" lottery (if it does, I'll let you know.) Even if it doesn't, I'd say that the experiment was a great success.

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